June 6, 2012

Remove Blogger Attribution Widget in Blog

Sometimes, you would like to have your custom attribution in your blog. Here is the article to change the default blogger attribution.
1. Go to Design -> you will see the default attribution in the blog as shown below:
2. By default, you do not have option to remove this widget like other widgets provided by blogger.
3. Now go to Design -> Edit HTML -> Check the Expand Widgets Templates option -> Click Ctrl + F to find the following word – Attribution
4. You will find that the widget is locked by the option “locked = True” as shown below:
5. Change the option to False and save the HTML.
6. Now edit the Attribution widget, you will find the remove option is enabled 
and now it is easy to remove the widget and you can insert your custom widget or any text box with your custom words in it.

A sample shown in our blog is as follows:
Happy Blogging!

1 comment:

  1. I think it should not be removed as it gives credit to blogger for gaining more traffic to their website and engaging in creating more blog.
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