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New features of SharePoint Designer 2010

Read this article, to know the Basics of Workflow in SharePoint.
Read this article, to know about Implementing Designer workflow in SharePoint using SharePoint designer 2007. In this article, we will come to know about the new features added in the SharePoint designer 2010 for the workflow.
What is new in workflows in SharePoint Designer 2010? In the SharePoint 2010 designer you will see a ‘ Work flows’ tab in the ribbon on the top. Now you can create three types of workflow in SharePoint 2010 using designer 2010:

ØList Workflow – This is associated with a specific list or libraries in SharePoint.
ØReusable Workflow – This type of workflow can be associated with multiple lists or content types. It is more flexible than the List workflow type. Later this content type can be used with a list. One more advantage of this type of work flow is you can import it to Visual Studio and we can write code to enhance this type of workflow.
ØSite Workflow – This workflow is not associated with any lists o…

Workflow using SharePoint designer 2007

To know about the basics of the Work flows in SharePoint, read this article.
In this article, we will learn how to create a designer workflow in SharePoint designer 2007. Scenario: 1.Create a workflow in SharePoint designer 2007 2.This workflow should be automatically triggered when an item is created or updated in a SharePoint Document library 3.When the workflow is initiated, then the document created or updated in the document library should be copied to another document library 4.Also, we will have parameter (flag) in the document library whether to move or not in the document library.
Solution: We will create two document libraries named, “Draft Library” and “Publish Library”. In the Draft Library we will create an additional column named Move to Publish Library of type Choice menu (YES or NO) When a document is uploaded or updated in Draft Library with the flag value equals to yes, then the workflow should be triggered which will copy the item to the Publish Library.
Steps: Open the SharePo…

The security validation for this page is invalid in SharePoint

Sometimes, when a user with least permissions in the SharePoint site, creates or updates an item, then the following error will be shown:
“The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Web browser, refresh the page, and try your operation again”
When you are creating a custom web parts or creating custom solutions, your code will run with your credentials.

Not everybody has full control in the SharePoint site, so when a user has read only rights and try to update an item in the list or SharePoint Document library, then the code will throw an access denied error. This happens, when the code needs access to objects that are not in the scope of the user credentials. Here comes the concept called impersonation (ability to control the identity under which code is executed) in ASP.Net. This will allow you to run your code with the help of a user who has correct permissions to run it.
Assembly   : Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.…

Workflows in SharePoint

What is a Workflow in SharePoint?
ØIn simple words, we can say workflow is a serious of activities occurs in steps which will produce an output at the final step. ØIn SharePoint, workflow is an automated movement of documents or items through a sequence of actions or tasks that are related to a business process.  ØBusiness process is a sequence of steps that occurs on a document or a task or an item and finally produces a result as an outcome.

Types of Workflows Basically, there are two fundamental types of workflows in the SharePoint:
   1.Sequential workflow It represents the steps that execute in order until the completion of last activity. It is represented graphically in flowchart with start, end and all the sequential activities in between. Example

  2.State-Machine workflow It represents a set of states, transitions and actions. As sequential workflows, it does not have prescribed execution flow and need not have an end. It can have any number of states and transition and it can any ite…

Exporting SharePoint User Groups with Group Names

In the article Exporting SharePoint User Groups into Excel, we have learned about exporting the SharePoint user groups into excel. Here we are able to export all the users in a SharePoint site but we are unable to sort the users with the group name.
In this article, we will learn a small work around filter the users with the group name. We can use SQL Query to fetch this data. Connect to the SQL server and open a new query in the content database where your SharePoint site resides. The SharePoint content DB does not expose the tables (for lists, libraries, users, etc.) in the database directly. The below is the query which will fetch all the users in the SharePoint site with the user groups in a separate column in the result.
SELECT dbo.Groups.ID, dbo.Groups.Title, dbo.UserInfo.tp_Title, dbo.UserInfo.tp_Login FROM dbo.GroupMembership INNERJOIN dbo.Groups ON dbo.GroupMembership.SiteId = dbo.Groups.SiteId INNERJOIN dbo.UserInfo ON dbo.GroupMembership.MemberId = dbo.UserInfo.tp_ID Hope this hel…