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Cascading dropdown (or) Filtered Values in Lookup Columns in SharePoint

To know about the Basics of Lookup Columns read this article.
Also, to know about the Enhancements of Lookup columnsin SharePoint 2010 read this article. Problem: In SharePoint the cascading or the filtered values in the lookup columns are not present by default. In this article, we will achieve this using the simple JavaScript. Solution: Consider the simple scenario that the user needs to input the values of Continent, Country, State and City which has to be the filtered values. Steps: 1. Create four lists with the following column and corresponding types
I haven’t used the default title column for any of the lists above and I have hide it from the default view. To know how to hide the default title column from the list read this article. 2. The screen shots of the four custom lists created in the step 1 are shown below:

3. Now, we will create another custom list for testing the cascading dropdown in the SharePoint. Create a custom list with the following column and corresponding types The …