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The Search Service is currently offline

The search service is currently offline. Visit the services on server page in SharePoint central administration to verify whether the service is enabled. This might also be because an indexer move is in progress You will get the below screen when you navigate to the default content access account, crawl log or default content access account in the Search Server Administration.
Following are the steps to fix this issue. Open central administrationGoto Operations -> Topology and Services -> Services on Server Select Search Indexing -> On “Office SharePoint Server Search” click “Stop”. This will reconfigure the serviceNow click “start”Navigate to the indexer log file location which is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Data\Office Server\Applications” for me. Here you will find a folder with Guid name. At the end of that folder add “_old”. Refresh the SSP page and wait for some time and now the indexer will recreate …

Configuring Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010

Hi All,

Read the useful arcticle which explains about Configuring the Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010. A step by step explanation with screens is explained in this artcile.

Configuring Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010

Inserting a web part into SharePoint page without designer

In the article “Inserting a web part into SharePoint Page without designer”, we have discussed about inserting a web part in New/Edit/Display from.aspx in without using designer the lower versions of SharePoint (WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007).
Now, in this article we will discuss about inserting a web part into the New/Edit/Display form.aspx page without designer in SharePoint 2010. Now, suppose that we have custom list named “City” Now, go to the List Settings of the custom list “City”
Under General Settings -> Advanced Settings
In the advance settings, we have an option for the Launching the forms in dialog when click on NEW for inserting a new value in a list. Here, now we will disable that option by selecting NO in launch forms in a dialog as shown below:

Now, we will click on “New Item” for inserting a new item in the custom list
Now, we will be navigated to the newform.aspx without popup dialog since we have disabled it.
The URL in the address bar will be as below: http://SiteName/Lists/City/N…

The Parameter is incorrect crawl error Search Server

In this article, we are going to discuss about a strange issue with Microsoft Search Server.
Scenario: Usually with the SharePoint, we will install Microsoft Search Server for providing the users a search function. We will configure the content source in Search Server Admin page and crawler indexes the contents and will display the results in the search depending upon the user query. The below figure shows the Search Server Overview:
Content Sources – The link where the SharePoint site is configured for crawling Crawl Log – The logs of the crawler Sometimes we will get the “The Parameter is incorrect” in the crawl log and then onwards, the search server stops crawling the new contents and no results will be displayed in the search result. Root Cause: This is due to a limit that a SharePoint user group cannot have more than 1000 users in a single SharePoint group. Resolution: The only way is to either decrease the number of users in the group which has exceeded the 1000 users or to split the us…

Export SharePoint User Groups in Excel

In this article, we are going to discuss about a SharePoint tip which is not present in the User Groups by default.
Scenario: From any list in the SharePoint, you can export the whole list in to a excel file or you can edit and save the excel file. But is that possible in SharePoint User Groups? Yes, it is possible.
Solution: 1. Go to Site Settings (http://sitname/_layouts/settings.aspx)

-> Under Users and PermissionsSelect People and groups 2. You will be seeing a URL like this http://sitname/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=5 3. Then navigate to the List Settings in the people and groups of a particular group which you want to export to the excel file

4. Now, in the URL you will see like this:
5. If you want you retrieve the users list from any view, then click on the view from the views list as shown below:
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on th…

SharePoint Web Part Maintenance Page

In this post, we will come to know how to navigate to the web part maintenance page.
Why we need this page in SharePoint ?
In the webpart maintenance page, we will see the web parts present in a SharePoint page. By adding “?contents=1” at the end of the page URL, you can navigate to the web part maintenance page.
For Example: http://severname/default.aspx?contents=1
Here, you can see the web parts present in the SharePoint page and you can delete the web parts if it is corrupted or not used in the particular page.
Advantage: There will be scenarios like; you will get an error while opening the SharePoint page in the SharePoint designer. Read this article to know more Deafult.aspx is not opening in the SharePoint Designer