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Site Mailbox is removed from SharePoint Online

I tried to create a Site Mailbox this morning, in SharePoint Online and came to know this feature is no longer supported in SharePoint Online.
Tried to understand it in detail and following are the updates: Microsoft is notifying Office 365 customers that access to Site Mailboxes is being removed from SharePoint Online, and no more Site Mailboxes can be created from March 2017 onward. Site Mailboxes originally appeared as a feature of Exchange Server 2013. Site Mailboxes appended together an Exchange mailbox with a SharePoint site to allow users to collect email conversations in a single location, as well as access shared documents from both Outlook and SharePoint. If you are using Site Mailboxes, then you have got some migration work to look forward to. Otherwise, if you are looking for “email-centric collaboration”, Office 365 Groups are the way to go (Reference: Microsoft Community Groups).

Slide Library in SharePoint Online

When you try to migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online (Office 365), Slide Library template is not listed as app in the Create App section.
You can still get it with a direct URL. I would not depend on it being there forever as the Slide Library is officially not in SharePoint 2013, but for now you can create one.
The direct URL to create the old Slide Library:

Challenges to be considered before migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2016

Identifying the business owners for each site / site collectionData Cleansing - identifying the old contents/obsolete data for archivingIdentifying the intranet links embedded inside the documents (while migrating to SharePoint Online)Optimize and define databases - Perform re-organization of content. For example, as you determine what will be brought over to the new environment, you may end up archiving some ‘less-used’ content to a ‘read-only’ or ‘slower’ server.Consider moving read only data to a separate SQL instance or even separate SQL farm where the data is read-only. You may also want to consider moving less frequently used content to SQL servers that have less resources and keep the higher performing SQL servers for the frequently used/collaborative content, perhaps your ‘old’ SQL server.Size of data to be migrated – this will affect the migration timeAny good migration should involve a content audit. Data security (legal & audit implications should be considered) –confid…

Enable "Open with Explorer" Option In SharePoint Online Document Libraries In Microsoft Edge Browser

Happy New Year 2017 to all readers and wish you all success in this year 😃😃😃
I was asked by my colleague who is from different Technology stream about “Open with Explorer” option disabled in SharePoint Online document libraries in Microsoft Edge browser.
Microsoft Edge browser has a new look and feel than other IE versions and obviously it is going to take a while for all end users to get used to / to know the various options in it.I tried checking the permissions of the user and he has admin permissions but still the user couldn’t open the library with explorer option as shown below:
As usual searched for various articles and understood about the features of Microsoft Edge browser.Read this KB article about Microsoft Edge and SharePoint behavior:
Navigate to the edge browser -> click on Open with Internet Explorer as shown below:

Now, the SharePoint site should open i…