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SharePoint 2013 & 2010 OOTB Web Parts Comparison

There are many changes made in SP 2013 in OOTB web parts. I tried creating
a summary which shows the following:
1. What category is added or removed in SP 2013?
2. What are the web parts removed from SP 2013?
3. What are the new web parts added and their functionality?

Downloadable Link for the below file:Link to download

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Promoted Links in SharePoint 2013

Promoted Links is a new list type added in SharePoint 2013. What it is and how to use this? 1.New app in SP 2013 available Out of Box 2.It is similar app like “Get Started with your site” in the home page  3.It is a very cool feature which allows you to add images and links to it and display it in a Tile view in a page for quick navigation. 4.Let’s create a promoted links app for our SharePoint 2013 home page. 5.Go to “Add an App” -> Promoted Links -> Give a name “Home Page Navigation”
6.You will see a message. The list is empty, Add tiles from the All Promoted Links view. Now, start adding the images and links in the app as shown below When you click on the “All Promoted Links” you will see a list view to add items in it. Adding new item will have the following fields a.Title b.Background Image Location c.Description d.Link Location e.Launch behavior f.Order

Site Administration in SharePoint 2013

In this article, we will have know how does Site Administration in SharePoint 2013 looks. Here is the screenshot of SharePoint 2013 site administration.

New Features of SharePoint 2013

It has been a while here, there are many reasons and I was busy as well. Let’s start it again with SharePoint 2013J

SharePoint 2013 has many new features and it is trending in the market. Let’s see the list of features which is new and what is different from the other versions of SharePoint. HTML 5 and CSS 3 support- Cross browser compatibility and optimized browser experience. Device Manager & Device Channels – new way of designing theme forthe site using SharePoint Designer 2013. Community Portal – Social Networking makes collaboration within the organization easier. New Search Experience (My favorite feature J) - Continuous Crawl – yes, you get the results once you publish the new contents to the site Fast Search is integrated in the search feature and it is not a separate product now, licensing becomes easier. Content Search Web Part – display information from the other web apps which is not possible in other versions of SharePoint – and off course content has to be crawled and ind…