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Pillars of SharePoint 2010


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ØMicrosoft Content Management Server (CMS) (Year 2002)
ØSharePoint Portal Server (Year 2003) ØWindows SharePoint Services 3.0 (Year 2003) – Free Ware ØMicrosoft Office Share Point Server (MOSS) (Year 2007) (Built on .NET 2.0) –        Combination of CMS and SharePoint Portal Server ØSharePoint Foundation Server (Year 2010) – Free Ware ØMicrosoft SharePoint Server (Year 2010)

Databases must be empty before they can be used. Delete all of the tables, stored procedures and other objects or use a different database.

I got this error when I tried to stop and start the Windows SharePoint Services Search service by the following: Central Administration ->Operations ->Services on server->Windows SharePoint Services Search->Stop Central Administration->Operations->Services on server->Windows SharePoint Services Search->Start The below is the step by step solution to fix this issue. Solution: 1. We have to delete some log files of database in the SQL Server by following the path: Stop the SQL Server Express Service: Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> SQL Server -> Right click Stop 2. Now delete the following file in the below locations: WINDIR%\SYSMSI\SSEE\MSSL.2005\MSSQL\DATA\WSS_Search_ Servername.mdf WINDIR%\SYSMSI\SSEE\MSSL.2005\MSSQL\DATA\WSS_Search_ Servername_log.LDF Or in this path WINDIR%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\ 3. Restart the SQL Server Express Service by following the path:  Start -> All Programs -> Adminis…

The specified database has an incorrect collation. Rebuild the database with the Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS collation or create a new database

 I have faced this error when I created a DB in the SQL server and then tried to create the Search Server DB name in the Search Server Configuration Page while configuring the Microsoft Search Server Express 2008. Solution: 1. The problem is the database created has incorrect collation. 2. We have to change the collation to Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS collation which is specified while configuring the web applications or search server DB in SharePoint. 3.  Connect to the SQL server -> Select the Database created. 4. Right Click on the Database -> Properties -> Select Options page -> Change the collation as shown below: 5. Now try to configure the Search or Web Application in SharePoint, it will work as expected.

Hiding Default Title Column in a list in SharePoint

In this article, we will know about a small tip, How to hide the default title column which is created by default whenever a list is created in a SharePoint list.
Steps: 1. Whenever a list is created, you will see a default column “Title” in the list. 2. In Some cases, we do not need this and needs that to be hidden. 3. Go to Settings -> List Settings -> Advanced Settings (General Settings) -> Change Allow Management of Content Types to YES 4. Now List Settings page -> Click on ITEMS You will see the list of columns in the list. Now we want to hide the Title Column and hence click on the Title column There will be option for permanently hiding the column. Select the option “Hidden will not appear in forms” and click OK.
5. We have hid the column in the form but it will appear in the VIEW. So, we have to hide the column in the view. Click on the View in the List. In the Columns Deselect the Title and click OK. 6. When you click on New for adding a new item in the list, then you will…

Internal Column Name in SharePoint List

In this article, we will know how to find the Internal Column Name in a SharePoint list.
Steps: 1. Suppose that we have created a list with a column named “Continent” as shown below: 2. Go to Settings-> List Settings -> Click on the Column listed in the Lists to which you have to find the Internal Name 3. You will be navigated to the Title Edit page which is shown below: 4. Now copy the Browser URL (in my case is something is shown below): http://sitename/_layouts/FldEdit.aspx?List=%7BE62DB5A7%2D12D4%2D474B%2D8EB8%2DF71DE8A86723%7D&Field=Continent The Bolded letter is the Internal Name of the Column (In my case Continent is the internal column name for the column Continent) Note:
If the column name contains spaces then the Internal Name will contain some other characters. Be careful while taking handling this: Ex: http://SiteName/_layouts/FldEdit.aspx?List=%7B2EB82952%2D9C0B%2D4650%2DB5E9%2D22788822B1AA%7D&Field=Arrived%5Fx0020%5Fon Here in this name %5F is a '_' So the Inte…

Remove Blogger Attribution Widget in Blog

Sometimes, you would like to have your custom attribution in your blog. Here is the article to change the default blogger attribution.
Steps: 1. Go to Design -> you will see the default attribution in the blog as shown below: 2. By default, you do not have option to remove this widget like other widgets provided by blogger. 3. Now go to Design -> Edit HTML -> Check the Expand Widgets Templates option -> Click Ctrl + F to find the following word – Attribution 4. You will find that the widget is locked by the option “locked = True” as shown below: 5. Change the option to False and save the HTML. 6. Now edit the Attribution widget, you will find the remove optionis enabled and now it is easy to remove the widget and you can insert your custom widget or any text box with your custom words in it.
A sample shown in our blog is as follows:
Happy Blogging!

Error: Your Search cannot be complete because of service error

In this article, we will know a solution for the Search Server Issue in the SharePoint portal.
The Search server was working as expected and the results are shown properly. But suddenly the Search is not showing the results and it is showing the following error: Your Search cannot be complete because of service error. Try you search again or contact your administrator for more information. When I check the event viewer, following are the log description: Event ID: 10040 & 10041
The last query machine has been taken out of rotation.  Check previous event logs to determine cause.  Propagation may be necessary. Event ID: 10038
Not enough storage is available to complete this operation Solution: Initially the following were following steps are performed but no results from the search:  ØRestarting the Index Service ØResetting the content index  ØRestarting the application pool  ØRestarting the SSP    Finally, the following actions are performed.  ØRestarting the index server manually  ØThen, rest…

The file reached the maximum download limit. Check that the full text of the document can be meaningfully crawled.

This is the error you find in the Microsoft Search Server logs when the size of the file being uploaded is greater than 50 MB. This is because the default size is 50 MB for crawling. Hence when the size of the file being uploaded exceeds the allowable limit then the crawler will not be able to crawl the file and throws this error. In this article, we will see how to fix this issue. The error log screen is shown below: Solution: To allow the files that is larger in size and to be crawled and fully indexed we have to add the MaxDownloadSize dword value to the 50 MB or more. Go to Run -> Type regedit  -> Navigate to the following path and change the value. "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\12.0\Search\Global\Gathering Manager" Change the following value "MaxDownloadSize"=dword:00000032 Note: Hexadecimal 32 = Decimal 50. Try restarting the index server and now initiate a full crawl then the files of large size will be shown in the Search Res…

What is SharePoint?

Let us also start the Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dot Net tutorials in this blog which will help us in attending the interviews.
In simple words, it is Business Collaboration Software developed by Microsoft.It is a Web based application allows the people in an organization to collaborate or work together more efficiently.In an organization the information (Documents, files, information, etc.) may be scattered and by using the SharePoint we can easily collaborate and work with the others data easily – Information Centrally stored. Hence the time is less which increases efficiency.

Install and Configure E Mail Server in Windows Server 2003

In this article, we will see how to Install, Configure and use the Mail Server in Windows Server 2003.
Steps for Installing Mail Server: 1. You can install the Email Server by using Add or Remove Windows Components or Manage Your Server. Go to start Manage Your Server by clicking Start-> Programs->Administrative Tools->Manage Your Server. 2. This will open the Configure Your Server Wizard as shown below Read the instructions properly and check all the steps in the pop up window are completed in the server. 3. Now Click Next button. The wizard will now check the network settings. Now Click on add the Mail Server (POP3, SMTP) from the list of options available. 
4. Click on Next and you will now specify the type of authentication and type the email domain name. In this tutorial we will use Windows Authentication, and I have used 5. Now Click on Next. First it will ask for the confirmation for the selected roles and then installation will start, and will also start the W…

The file reached the maximum download limit. Check that the full text of the document can be meaningfully crawled

Scenario: When the users are trying to upload large size files in the portal, they are getting the following error and they are unable to upload large size files to the SharePoint site. The file reached the maximum download limit. Check that the full text of the document can be meaningfully crawled Also, the Search results are not showing some of the files in the search results. Solution: I read an interesting post which helps in fixing this issue. Below is the link. Happy Sharing!

The filtering process could not be initialized. Verify that the file extension is a known type and is correct

This is one of the common issues in the Microsoft Search Server 2008. In the Search Server logs in the Search Server Administration, the following errors are logged:
The filtering process could not be initialized. Verify that the file extension is a known type and is correct Also the search is not showing the results of some office documents which are having embedded links in it. Solution: Installing the Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs will fix this problem. This package will add the DLL’s to the machine. Usage of this Package: IFilters are components that allow search services to index content of specific file types, letting you search for content in those files. They are intended for use with Microsoft Search Services (SharePoint, SQL, Exchange, and Windows Search). Happy Sharing!

Creating and Deploying Custom Web Part in SharePoint

In this article, we will learn how to create a Custom Web Part in SharePoint using Visual Studio.
After reading this article, you will learn the following:   ØCreating custom web part using visual studio   ØHow to use Labels, Rich text box and Buttons (with events) and validation            controls in the custom web part?   ØHow to validate the fields in custom web part in SharePoint?   ØHow to deploy the web part in SharePoint site?
Scenario: Suppose that in a SharePoint page, you want the users to comment about the page or send some feedback, and then you can use this web part.
Solution: It is created the following solution using Visual Studio 2005. Steps: 1. Open the Visual Studio -> Click File -> New project -> Select Visual C# from Project types -> SharePoint -> web Part (Use this link for downloading the Visual Studio Extensions for SharePoint for creating SharePoint solutions in the Visual Studio 2005)
2. Once created, delete the web part present in the solution named webpar…