Internal Column Name in SharePoint List

In this article, we will know how to find the Internal Column Name in a SharePoint list.
1. Suppose that we have created a list with a column named “Continent” as shown below:
2. Go to Settings-> List Settings -> Click on the Column listed in the Lists to which you have to find the Internal Name
3. You will be navigated to the Title Edit page which is shown below:
4. Now copy the Browser URL (in my case is something is shown below):
The Bolded letter is the Internal Name of the Column (In my case Continent is the internal column name for the column Continent)
If the column name contains spaces then the Internal Name will contain some other characters. Be careful while taking handling this:
Ex: http://SiteName/_layouts/FldEdit.aspx?List=%7B2EB82952%2D9C0B%2D4650%2DB5E9%2D22788822B1AA%7D&Field=Arrived%5Fx0020%5Fon
Here in this name %5F is a '_'
So the Internal Name would be Arrived_x0020_on. Here the Column name is Arrived On but the Internal Name is different and hence beware of this!
5. You can find the internal name using code also.
Ex: string internalName = item.Fields["Field Display Name"].InternalName;
Here in the below link you will see a list of Content types in SharePoint and the Internal Name for it:
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