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Challenges to be considered before migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2016

Identifying the business owners for each site / site collectionData Cleansing - identifying the old contents/obsolete data for archivingIdentifying the intranet links embedded inside the documents (while migrating to SharePoint Online)Optimize and define databases - Perform re-organization of content. For example, as you determine what will be brought over to the new environment, you may end up archiving some ‘less-used’ content to a ‘read-only’ or ‘slower’ server.Consider moving read only data to a separate SQL instance or even separate SQL farm where the data is read-only. You may also want to consider moving less frequently used content to SQL servers that have less resources and keep the higher performing SQL servers for the frequently used/collaborative content, perhaps your ‘old’ SQL server.Size of data to be migrated – this will affect the migration timeAny good migration should involve a content audit. Data security (legal & audit implications should be considered) –confid…