June 6, 2012

Error: Your Search cannot be complete because of service error

In this article, we will know a solution for the Search Server Issue in the SharePoint portal.
The Search server was working as expected and the results are shown properly. But suddenly the Search is not showing the results and it is showing the following error:
Your Search cannot be complete because of service error. Try you search again or contact your administrator for more information.
When I check the event viewer, following are the log description:
Event ID: 10040 & 10041
The last query machine has been taken out of rotation.  Check previous event logs to determine cause.  Propagation may be necessary.
Event ID: 10038
Not enough storage is available to complete this operation
Initially the following were following steps are performed but no results from the search:
 Ø  Restarting the Index Service
   Ø  Resetting the content index
 Ø  Restarting the application pool
 Ø  Restarting the SSP
   Finally, the following actions are performed.
 Ø  Restarting the index server manually
 Ø  Then, restarted the Index Content
 Ø  Finally, resetting the crawler and a complete crawling is run
  This helped in fixing this issue and the search is showing the results as expected.
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