June 5, 2012

Install and Configure E Mail Server in Windows Server 2003

In this article, we will see how to Install, Configure and use the Mail Server in Windows Server 2003.
Steps for Installing Mail Server:
1. You can install the Email Server by using Add or Remove Windows Components or Manage Your Server. Go to start Manage Your Server by clicking Start-> Programs->Administrative Tools->Manage Your Server.
2. This will open the Configure Your Server Wizard as shown below
Read the instructions properly and check all the steps in the pop up window are completed in the server.
3. Now Click Next button. The wizard will now check the network settings. Now Click on add the Mail Server (POP3, SMTP) from the list of options available. 

4. Click on Next and you will now specify the type of authentication and type the email domain name. In this tutorial we will use Windows Authentication, and I have used testdomain.com
 5. Now Click on Next. First it will ask for the confirmation for the selected roles and then installation will start, and will also start the Windows Components Wizard as shown below

When you get prompted to insert your Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive, insert the Win Server 2003 CD in order to complete the installation.
After inserting the CD or locating the I386 Files in a folder, the configuration wizard will complete the installation as shown below:
We have now successfully installed the mail server.
Steps for Configuring Mail Server:
We have installed the Mail Server and next are configuring the mail server for sending mails which includes creating mail boxes in the mail server.
1. Click Start -> Run and type p3server.msc. This will open up the POP3 Service.
2. Here we will configure the mails server. Now Click on ComputerName in the left pane and Click on Server Properties in the right pane as shown below:
Here you can configure the properties of the Mail Server.
3. While Installing the mail server, we have created the domain (here testdomain.com). If you need to create a new domain, then you can click on New Domain in the Right Pane and create it.
4. Click on the created domain (testdomain.com) in the left pane and Click Add Mailbox in the right pane.
Give the Mailbox Name and password to create a new mail box.
Click On OK, so that the mail box is created.
5. In the mailbox list, you can see the newly created mailbox listed in it.
In the same way any number of users and mailbox can be added.
Hope this helps you!
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