January 23, 2012

How to Insert a Web Part in the NewForm, EditForm and DisplayForm.aspx in a list without using SharePoint Designer

In this article, we are going to know very useful and tricky tip in SharePoint.
We have options for inserting the web parts in the home page or any libraries in the SharePoint using Site Settings -> Edit Page -> Insert Web Part

What will you do for inserting a web part in 
the New/Edit/Display forms in the list?
So, we will go to SharePoint designer and edit the list page and insert the web part. This is the
usual way.

Suppose that, I want to insert webpart without using the SharePoint designer. Is it possible? Yes. 

Here is the trick!

Go to the list page -> Click New for adding the item as shown below

This is the URL, we will get we click New Item in the List.


Here, we use TOOLPANEVIEW concept in the SharePoint to implement the same.

After the “NewForm.aspx” part of the URL, erase everything and replace it with “?toolpaneview=2” (without quotes) and press enter. This will open the page where you can add the web parts easily.

Now, the new URL will be:


Now, you will see the following, where you can add the web part from the Add Web Parts option as shown below:

If you need to keep the URL parameters in the URL for some reason i.e., if you wanted to make changes to only a single item, keep the URL parameters and add the following to the end of the URL: “&toolpaneview=2″ (without quotes).

Similarly, if you want to add it for EditForm or DisplayForm pages, you can merge it as shown below.



To know how to insert a web part into New/Edit/Display form.aspx in SharePoint 2010, read this article.
Hope this helps you. Please feel free to comment and share this post.


  1. Hi, great post. Have you fixed this for SharePoint 2010? It doesn't seem to work in it. Thanks!

    1. Hi,
      As promised, I have posted an article, which explains about inserting a web part in the new/edit/display form.aspx in SharePoint 2010.
      Use the below Link to navigate to the article:


  2. Hi There,
    Thanks for your comment!
    Yes It is possible in SharePoint 2010. Soon, I will post the article which will explain about Inserting the web part in SP 2010.

  3. I am utterly shocked that this worked on my very first try (SP2010). Thank you SO much for doing the heavy lifting for me!

  4. I am utterly shocked that this worked on my very first try (SP2010). Thank you SO much for doing the heavy lifting for me!


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