March 17, 2012

The Parameter is incorrect crawl error Search Server

In this article, we are going to discuss about a strange issue with Microsoft Search Server.
Usually with the SharePoint, we will install Microsoft Search Server for providing the users a search function.
We will configure the content source in Search Server Admin page and crawler indexes the contents and will display the results in the search depending upon the user query.
The below figure shows the Search Server Overview:

Content Sources – The link where the SharePoint site is configured for crawling
Crawl Log – The logs of the crawler
Sometimes we will get the “The Parameter is incorrect” in the crawl log and then onwards, the search server stops crawling the new contents and no results will be displayed in the search result.
Root Cause:
This is due to a limit that a SharePoint user group cannot have more than 1000 users in a single SharePoint group.
The only way is to either decrease the number of users in the group which has exceeded the 1000 users or to split the user groups (Check the reference article below).
The reason behind is
During the indexing process, the system stores the ACE of each user who was added to a SharePoint group instead of the ACE of the SharePoint group itself. This process supports approximately 1000 users per access control list (ACL), after which the "Parameter is incorrect" error causes crawling to fail.
Reference Article:
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  1. Great Forum.. Thanks..

  2. The above is not the only issue - this occurs on our test farm with only 20 users. I will post if I find the proper fix.


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