April 16, 2012

Workflow using SharePoint designer 2007

To know about the basics of the Work flows in SharePoint, read this article.
In this article, we will learn how to create a designer workflow in SharePoint designer 2007.
1.   Create a workflow in SharePoint designer 2007
2.   This workflow should be automatically triggered when an item is created or updated in a SharePoint Document library
3.   When the workflow is initiated, then the document created or updated in the document library should be copied to another document library
4.   Also, we will have parameter (flag) in the document library whether to move or not in the document library.

We will create two document libraries named, “Draft Library” and “Publish Library”.
In the Draft Library we will create an additional column named Move to Publish Library of type Choice menu (YES or NO)
When a document is uploaded or updated in Draft Library with the flag value equals to yes, then the workflow should be triggered which will copy the item to the Publish Library.

Open the SharePoint site in the designer and click on File -> New -> Workflow

Give the name of the workflow and Select the document library for the workflow to be associated (Draft Library in our case). Then Select two options Automatically starts the workflow when an item is created or change and click on Next.

In the Step1, click on the conditions and select Compare Draft Library field

Now, select the Move to Publish Library column and Value equals to Yes as shown below

Now we will apply the action for the workflow. Click on Actions -> Copy List Item. 

Now select Draft Library to Publish Library in the values as shown below

Once you click on finish, then the workflow will be associated to the “Draft Library”.

Navigate to the SharePoint Document library and when you check the workflow settings, and then you will see the MoveDocuments workflow associated with the Draft document library.

Now, we will test the workflow. Go ahead and upload a document into the “Draft Library”. Select YES in the Move to Publish Library option as shown below:

Now, our workflow will be initiated and you will see the status of the workflow (completed) in the document library as shown below:

Click on the completed in the document library where you will be navigated to the workflow information as shown below:

Now, navigate to the publish library, you will see the document being copied as result of the workflow as shown below:

Now, at the end of this article we have learned the following from this article:
1. Creating a Designer workflow in SharePoint using SharePoint designer 2007.
2. Used workflow to copy an item form one document library to another document library.

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