December 11, 2011

Reading Summary Properties of Word Document

Part II
Read the Introduction about this article Part I
In this post, we can see what is the code for the reading the summary properties of the word document.
public static void GetDocumentSummaryProperties(string filename)
            DSOFile.OleDocumentPropertiesClass doc = new DSOFile.
            doc.Open(filename, false,

            DSOFile.dsoFileOpenOptions.dsoOptionOpenReadOnlyIfNoWriteAccess );

            //getting the properties of the document
            DSOFile.SummaryProperties summaryProp = doc.SummaryProperties;

            //reading and writng the summary properties to a file
            string author = summaryProp.Author;
            string comapanyName = summaryProp.Company;
            string managerName = summaryProp.Manager;
            StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(@"D:\FileRead.txt");
That’s It. Enjoy Happy Coding!
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