December 11, 2011

Reading Custom Properties of Word Document

Part III
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In this post, we can see what is the code for the reading the custom properties of the word document.
public static void GetDocumentCustomProperties(string filename)
            OleDocumentPropertiesClass doc = new OleDocumentPropertiesClass();
            doc.Open(filename, true, dsoFileOpenOptions.dsoOptionOpenReadOnlyIfNoWriteAccess);
            //Reading and writing the custom properties to a file
            StreamWriter sw1= new StreamWriter(@"D:\FileRead_Custom.txt");
            CustomProperties obj_CustomProp = doc.CustomProperties;
            foreach (CustomProperty custom_prop in obj_CustomProp )
                sw1.WriteLine(custom_prop.Name   "    "   custom_prop.get_Value());
Hope this helps you!

1 comment:

  1. Did you try this with word 2013 ?

    It seems dso cannot read from word 2013 custom properties.

    Any help on this is really appreciable.


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