How to convert Infopath form to word document

Sometimes you may need to convert an InfoPath form into a Word document so you can send it to users that either don’t have InfoPath or can’t access your  SharePoint form library. Luckily there is an easy process to do so.
Steps to convert InfoPath form to Word:
1) Open your .xsn InfoPath project file
2) Go to File -> Export To -> Web
3) Enter a name for the file and make sure “Single File Web Page (*.mht;*.mhtml)” for Save as type is selected. Click Export
4) Locate your new .mht file and open it with Word.
5) You should see your InfoPath form in Word. You may have to adjust any checkboxes or radio buttons that may be on the form. Make sure to save the file as a .doc or .docx file type when you’re done


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