December 26, 2011

How to increase the Traffic or the Users to a Blog

Hi All,
We will start discussing about the blogger tips also.
In this article, we are going to discuss how to increase the traffic to your blog. I have listed it below.
1. Design the UI properly – Branding
     The Look and feel is very important for a blog. This is the first thing which attracts the users to visit your blog often. So, plan the design and use proper templates or themes which suites your content.
2. Provide easy navigation for the users
      The navigation is very important, which makes the readers to navigate easily
without any difficulties. The readers must able to navigate to different pages and posts with the proper navigation techniques provide by you.
3. Write well and often
      The Number of more posts in your blog will increase the number of users and also the search engines will easily crawl and navigate the users to your blog. Also, write clearly and give the content which is new and useful to the readers.
4. Add Images for clear understanding
       If your want to impress the readers and also want the readers to understand the content easily, you can give the explanations by inserting some images in between. This makes the readers to understand the situation you are explaining in the real time.
5. Submit your blog to search engines
       Initially, your blog may/may not appear in the search engine. Go to the search engine and type your blog name which allows the search engine to know that there is a blog with this name and to crawl it. Once your blog becomes popular, search engines automatically find your blog posts.
6. Adding links of the other sites
       This is one of the ways, which makes your blog popular. By adding the references to the other sites, you are allowing the user to navigate to the other sites which will increase the traffic to your blog. If you are referring for some other useful information from different sites, always create a link for that word or site which is a good way to write blog.
7. Allow reader comments and thoughts
       Allow the readers to comment and share their thoughts. This will make the blog popular. You will come to know, how the users are made helpful through your blog. You can reply to them, if they are struck up with any doubts.
8. Use links in between and trackback URL’s
       Always, create a links in between the posts. If you are writing a post, which is related to some previous posts, then you can make the readers to read the previous articles by giving a link. This makes the readers to know the other articles in your blog.
9.  Proper Titles and keywords
      This is very important for a blog which indeed increase your blog traffic in the search engines. Always, use proper title which is appropriate to the content. This will make the readers to know the theme of the article before they start reading it.
10.  Syndicate your blog’s content with RSS feed
       Sign up with the RSS feeds and allow your blog contents to burn through the feeder. Give the options like Subscribe through the RSS feeds which will allow the readers to know the new article published in your blog and in turn allows the user to visit the blog more frequently.
11.  Submit your posts to social network site
       The social networking is one of the popular media in the internet which allows the users to connect and share. Hence, submit your posts to the social networking sites.
12.  Fulfill the user’s request
        If a reader is unable to achieve the idea or solution is given by you, then you can guide them properly which will always makes the readers, a user-friendly site.
13.  Invite people to view your blog through e-mails
        If a new article is published, then you invite the readers to view the articles and hence increasing the user re-views more.
14.  Properly tag and categorize the contents
        Always, tag the articles and categorize it properly. If a reader is in need of articled of same type (tagged contents), then through the tags, they can easily navigate and read the articles.
15. Create a page or account in the social networking sites
        Create a page or account in the social networking sites and feed the posts which will allow the users from the social networking sites to view the blog.

I gave a small explanation for increasing the traffic to the blog and hope this helps in increasing the traffic to your blog.

Happy Blogging!


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