How to create a Tab using the labels in the blogger

In the previous article, we have discussed about increasing the traffic or the number of users to the blog. In this article, we will discuss how to create a tab using the labels which you have created for the posts in your blog.

If you have the older version of the blog, then in the design mode you will see an option for “Try the Updated Blogger Interface” and click to update to the new interface as shown below.

Don’t worry, at any time you can switch back to the older interface.
After updating to the new interface, go to the design and you will see a right navigation bar. In that, select Pages as shown below.
Once you click Pages, you will get a popup window allows you to create a blank page and the other is web address as shown below.
We will select web Address, as we are going to create a tab using the existing label URL.
When you click the Web address (as shown in the above figure), you will re-direct to popup window, where you can enter the Tab title and the Label URL.
Now, save the Web Address.
That’s it. Now, we will see a tab with the particular label which will show all the posts in the label.
Happy Blogging! 


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