May 16, 2012

Windows System Shows Blank Screen after logging in

I have faced many situations like after logging into the Windows Operating system machine (Especially Windows 7 and Windows Server which I have faced); it takes more hours showing a BLANK SCREEN without showing the desktop. It wasted my time more. So I was searching for a solution which would help in fixing the issue.
1. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL
2. Select Start Task Manager from the list
3. In the Task Manager Select -> File -> New Task (New Task (Run...)) – I have Win 7 as shown below:
4. Type “Explorer” in the text box and click OK.
5. Now, you will see the explorer opening suddenly and also your desktop is ready to use.
Hope this helps some one’s time. Happy Sharing!


  1. I have the same problem, but I resolve that.
    First step go to other pc or machine. With the most similar configuration OS, instaled application. Run RegEdit and export the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT to a .reg file. copy this file to a pen drive or a shared folder in the machine with problems. If your explorer don't run you can try to run /instal another explorer as xplorer2lite. Merge the file HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.REG into the registry. Restart

    If you can make a backup of your HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT before merge the new file.

    1. Hi Antonio,
      Thanks for sharing your solution to the readers!


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