Error: The language-neutral solution package was not found.

While using Visual Studio, you may get the following error
“The language-neutral solution package was not found.”
There are three ways you can fix this problem:
1. This may be caused due to the CACHING issue in the Visual Studio and hence restarting the Visual Studio will help you in fixing the issue.
2. Sometimes the solution you are trying to update will not get updated properly. Hence delete the following folders (By navigating to In Visual Studio   -> Right click on project in Solution Explorer window -> Select Open folder in Windows Explorer)  bin, obj and package.
After deleting these folders, rebuild and deploy the solution which will work out.
3. Or finally, you can retract the solution from the Central Admin (in case of SharePoint related issues) and then uninstall the solution dll from the assembly folder. Then try to deploy the solution.
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