The list cannot be displayed in datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons in SharePoint

I was easily changing my list view by edit in data sheet view and in standard view. 
After sometime, when I tried to edit a SharePoint list in DATASHEET view, I got the following error which doesn't allow me to view the list in the datasheet view and shown up a error as shown below:
Clearly, the problem is due to some DLL's in the MS office is creating this problem.
Hence, either of the following solutions will help you to fix this error:
Microsoft Office diagnostics
Run the Microsoft office diagnostics tool by navigating to the following location:
Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools -> Microsoft Office Diagnostics
This will repair the office setup installed in the machine. you may see the following screens running once started
Once completed, you will see the following screen:
Installing Office2007 SharePoint Components
I read a wonderful article for this and the link is
Either of the above solutions will help you in fixing this issue.
Hope this saves some one’s time. Happy Sharing!


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