May 5, 2012

SharePoint site continually prompting for passwords

I got a scenario where the SharePoint site is not allowing a user to login to the site even on giving correct username and password.
It is an intranet site and hence it will take the Windows Authentication.
But after 3 consecutive wrong attempts, password should be locked since it is taking the username and password from the Active Directory. It doesn’t happen. I have checked the Active directory and it is unlocked only.

So, what is the problem stopping the user to login to the site? Read the solution below.

I have analyzed the problem in the following ways and arrived at the solution. 
The root cause of the issue may be any one of the following issues:
Adding the SharePoint site to the Local Intranet
1. Open IE on your computer, go to TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS, and then Select the Security tab. Click on the Local Intranet zone icon, and then the Sites button.
2. You will see a pop up -> Local Intranet -> click Advanced -> Local Intranet -> where you can add the site SharePoint site URL. Example: http://*.domain namehttp://Sitename.domainname. Click the Close and OK.

3. Click OK to exit the Internet Options box, and close all Internet Explorer windows. Open a new Explorer window and try to browse to your SharePoint site. You should be logged in automatically using your Windows credentials.

If you are still unable to login prompt to the site, then follow the next instruction.

Removing the stored old username and password in the control panel
Reason for removing this password:
When we are checking the remember password option while logging into the SharePoint site, then the password is stored in the control panel under 
Hence, the SharePoint site is using the older password rather than the newer one (when the password is reset or changed for the particular account). So removing this would help us in resolving this issue.

To remove the saved password, follow the below steps:
If you do not have the option you need in the Control Panel, there is a way to bring up the box via the Run box.
Go to START -> RUN and type the following: 
rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr 
Here you can remove the stored username and password. Now try logging in with the username and password and it will work as expected.

Hope this helps you! Please free to comment and share this post.


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