July 1, 2012

Visual Studio Workflow in SharePoint

Part II
To know about the Basics and Advantages of using Visual Studio Workflow
read this article.
In this article, we will how to Create a Simple Sequential Workflow Console Application.
1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio -> File -> New Project -> Select Visual C# -> SharePoint -> Workflow -> SequentialWorkflowConsoleApplication

2.  You can see the required DLL’s added in the solution for running the work flow in the Solution Explorer

3.  From the Toolbox -> Select Code -> drag and drop inside the designer view as shown below. Double Click on the codeActivity1 -> you will be navigated to Code behind page of the solution.

4. I have initialized a variable with get and set methods and activity for the code1 as shown below:

5. Now, go to the Design view -> From Toolbox -> Drag and drop IF ELSE activity and the code activity for IF and ELSE branch

6. Right click on codeActivity2 and click Generate handlers to create handlers the activity and do the same for codeActivity3
7. Now, we will set the condition for the ifElseActivity1 and 2. Right Click on ifElseActivity1 -> Properties -> Condition -> Select Declarative Rule Condition

8. Give the Condition Name and then Click on Expression for setting the condition:
9. Following are the conditions set for both the activities:

10.Now,if you click on any one of the activity -> properties -> select the name
then -> you can see the two conditions being used in the solution as shown:

11. Finally, I have added the message to be returned for the both activities

12. Now build the solution and then execute the code:

Here is the full solution. Click to download. Happy Sharing!
Hope, you have enjoyed this article.
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Happy Coding!!

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  1. Very clear and nice post. Thanks for sharing.


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