Parser Error Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, Position 1

I have got this error message suddenly in a (WSS 3.0) SharePoint site. The site is working as expected and it does not throw any errors before.
The error screen shot is below:

From the error message, I could understand that there is a problem with the browser comapatibility.
I have navigated to the SharePoint site in the IIS and then explored the files in the IIS.
Then navigated to APP_Browsers folder, there I could see there is a  sub folder named _vti_cnf  inside I could see a file compat.broswer in it. This file (file which mentions the compatible browsers for loading the SharePoint site.) is already present in the root directory.
I have deleted this file (compat.browser) which is inside the _vti_cnf folder and refreshed the site, it worked as before.
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