Download Image from Right Click Disabled Website

In this article, we will know a small trick where we can download the images from the web page in which the right click is disabled in the web page.
Usually, web masters will disable the right click on the web pages in order to protect the content in the web page.
But sometimes, we need to download the images or copy the content from the web pages. Following are the different steps:
1. In the web page, only Right Click is disabled. Hence, we will use LEFT CLICK. Point the image and left click on the image and then drag the image to the desktop or to the address bar in the browser. Hurray! You can save the image.
2. In Internet Explorer, we can disable the active scripting and copy the image. The reason behind this is kind of scripting is written using “JAVA SCRIPTS”.Got to IE -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Custom level -> Go to Scripting -> Active Scripting -> Disable -> Click OK and restart the browser
3. In Mozilla Firefox  the steps is as follows:
Open the browser -> Go to Tools -> Options -> In the Content Tab -> Uncheck or Deselect the Enable JavaScript -> Restart the browser
There are many third party tools which enable to download the images and contents. But the above are the few easy steps to achieve the goal!


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