November 24, 2011

List of SharePoint 2010 Web Parts

 Content Editor 
 Image Viewer
 Media Web Part
 Page Viewer 
 Silverlight Web Part
Business Data
 Business Data Actions
 Business Data Catalog Filter
 Business Data Item
 Business Data Item Builder
 Business Data List
 Business Data Related List
 Key Performance Indicators
 KPI Details
 Visio Graphics Service 
Content Rollup
 Chart Viewer
 Content Query
 HTML Form Web Part - Foundation
 Picture Library Slideshow Web Part
 RSS Viewer
 XML Viewer
 What’s Popular
 Document ID Lookup
 Document Set Contents
 Document Set Properties
 Relevant Documents
 Choice Filter
 Current User Filter
 Date Filter
 Filter Actions
 Page Field Filter
 Query String URL) Filter
 SharePoint List Filter
 SQL Server Analysis Services Filter
 Text Filter
My Information My Calendar
 My Contacts
 My Inbox
 My Mail Folder
 My Tasks
 Site Aggregator
 Sites in Category
 Summary Links
 Table of Contents
 Tag Cloud
Office Client Applications Excel Web Access
 InfoPath Form Web Part
 WSRP Viewer
 Contact Details
 Profile Browser
 Site Users - Foundation
 User Tasks - Foundation
 PerformancePoint Filter
 PerformancePoint Report
 PerformancePoint Scorecard
 PerformancePoint Stack Selector
Search Advanced Search Box
 Dual Chinese Search
 Featured Content
 Federated Results
 People Refinement Panel
 People Search Box
 People Search Core Results
 Refinement Panel
 Related Queries
 Search Action Links
 Search Best Bets
 Search Box
 Search Core Results
 Search Paging
 Search Statistics
 Search Summary
 Top Federated Results


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